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10 Insiders Tips to York University

1. Best Place to Study

The library is an obvious choice, but it’s not always the easiest place to concentrate. There are more quiet areas in secluded spots, sure, but we all know they’re already taken by devoted cubical hunters. The best secret is this: if you can find an empty classroom or lecture hall, you’re set! With access to whiteboards, chalkboards and ample space you can set yourself up for the day…or until students for the next lecture start to pile in. Just pay attention to lecture halls around you and compare schedules with friends to find spaces that are free (don’t forget lab and tutorial spaces)!

2. Best Brain Food

Booster Juice, for sure! Such a great option for breakfast or as a snack while you’re studying or even in lecture. Don’t forget to add in an energy or brain booster to set yourself on the right track for the day! Also, don’t be fooled by the snack sized option, you’re just going to want more…and the booster is included with the regular size.

3. Best Place for a Quick Lunch

If you’ve got a busy day and find yourself hungry with no time to stop to eat, head over to the Central Square Cafeteria. They have an Express section that offers convenient grab and go food options. They serve things like delicious salads, a variety of sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, and other yummy options for busy students on the go. The best part is that it’s reasonably priced, too.

4. Best Campus Event

Ask any student and the answer will be, hands down, YorkFest! This Welcome Week tradition has been a student favourite for many reasons. Each year there are different headlining bands and events, make sure to check out the lineup in advance so you can plan everything you want to attend. You definitely can’t miss it, and you can even try volunteering for the event if you want to get more involved. It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends!

5. Best Place for Live Music

The Underground is a really awesome student run campus kitchen that hosts some equally awesome local and indie bands. It’s a great spot to spend some spare time between lectures or meet a friend for dinner while enjoying some live music. It’s definitely a favourite hangout spot for many students, and if you’ve got some musical talent see if you can get yourself a spot. Students always love to support fellow students!

6. Best Place for Discounted Textbooks

Nobody wants to pay full price for textbooks, they’re so expensive and you only use them for a few months. Unfortunately, we also know it can be difficult to find quality used books if you don’t know anybody a year or two ahead of you in your program. You don’t need to worry anymore, though, now that you know about the York University Book Exchange on Facebook. Join the group and enjoy saving money on your books and not having to spend hours searching for the copies you need. As another hint, you can also sell your used and unwanted books to other students easily through this site.

7. Best Spot to Expand Your Mind

Try attending one of the monthly poetry slams at the York University Eleanor Winters Art Gallery. Officially called Word Night this is an awesome event for anyone interested in trying something new. Who knows, you might even find yourself participating after a month or two!

8. Best Instagram Worthy Spot on Campus

Definitely head over to the new engineering building, the Bergeron Centre. The design concept is incredible and inspiration was taken from the clouds, water, and rock. The metal and glass window pattern is mathematically derived and never repeats itself. Oh, the building also boasts a green roof you can access!

9. Best Free Food

We’ve all had those days where you forget your meal card, wallet or lunch and end up hungry. If you head over to the Ross Building or Vari Hall you’re bound to encounter some organization or club willing to offer you free popcorn in exchange for listening to their quick informational pitch (worth it!).

10. Best Weekend Activity

Remember, you’re only about a 25-minute drive from the downtown core of Toronto! You can access things like Ripley’s Aquarium, the C.N. Tower, the Distillery District, China Town, and endless other Toronto attractions. You’ll never find yourself bored living in the city!

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