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A qualified guarantor (or additional prepayment) will be required unless the Applicant has his/her own source of income of at least two times the cost of your space at the QUAD. If you have your own income, you may skip this section.

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Application Process

A non-refundable application fee of $50 is due with this Application. A Housing Agreement may be offered to Applicant but a binding contract is formed only when both parties sign the Housing Agreement. Any misstatement or omission of fact in this Application will be grounds for the Application to be declined and any deposit to be forfeited.

I represent that all of the information provided above is accurate and complete. I authorize Owner and its agent to verify the above and to obtain references, credit reports, public and criminal records. I have reviewed and understand the Housing Agreement. This Application is not a lease or agreement for residency; only a fully signed Housing Agreement will be binding.

I agree that I have read and understand the Application Process.


1. Applicant must submit a fully completed, dated and signed Application and all required payments. Applicant must provide valid proof of identity. A separate bed space must be contracted for each resident of any age wishing to live with the Applicant.

2. A qualifying guarantor will be required unless the Applicant has verifiable income of at least two times the cost of the proposed Housing Agreement or prepays the certain installments as described in the Housing Agreement. An Applicant without a guarantor may be required to produce proof of income. To qualify, a guarantor must have verifiable income of at least two times the cost of the proposed Housing Agreement and have a credit history acceptable to Owner. If Applicant lacks sufficient individual credit and does not provide a qualifying guarantor, the Applicant will be required to prepay certain installments of housing charges as additional security.

3. Generally, a minimum of two years’ residential rental history is required for an Application without a qualifying guarantor. Items that may cause the Application to be declined include: (a) if Applicant’s credit history or civil court records contain slow pays, judgments, eviction filings, collections, liens or bankruptcy within the past 7 years; (b) if past collection accounts are not fully repaid; (c) if Applicant owes any amount to any other landlord, residential community or housing association; or (d) if Applicant’s previous rental history reflects negative information such as unpaid or habitually late-paid rent, disturbances, unlawful activities or unit damages.

4. Any exceptions to these criteria will be granted solely in the discretion of Owner and its agent. Additional conditions may be required for exceptions to be made, such as additional security deposits and/or advance payment of housing charges.