The Best Student Bars To Hit In Toronto

It’s no secret that college life is stressful.

Every college student needs a place to go to kick back and blow off some steam.

With the rigors of jam-packed schedules, projects, and exams, having a spot to unwind and hang out with your friends is a necessity.

There’s no shortage of watering holes in Toronto but some do a better job of catering to students than others.

10 Best Student Bars In Toronto

If you’re new to Toronto or new to the city’s bar scene, you may be looking for a little direction.

Here are the places that should top your list:

Sneaky Dee’s. If live music and dance nights are your things, Sneaky Dee’s might be the place to go. They regularly offer both! If low-key is more your style, order a plate of nachos or another offering from the Tex-Mex menu, sit back and relax on the graffiti-covered furniture, and enjoy what’s on tap.

El Furniture Warehouse. The place to go for students on a budget, El Furniture is a tavern-style pub that offers menu items ranging in price from $4.95-$8,25. Find them on Bloor Street for some cocktails and brew.

Red Room. Boasting a bohemian atmosphere and sizeable-yet-budget-friendly entrees, Red Room is famous for their (not necessarily authentic) pad thai.

Labyrinth Lounge. How do $3 shots sound? “The Lab,” as it’s referred to by locals, is a classic hole-in-the-wall bar that makes up for its lack of size with its character, atmosphere, and low prices.

The Madison Avenue Pub. The Maddy is a Toronto pub institution. It’s a three-story victorian mansion that offers monthly themed parties, half-priced specials, and live music on Wednesday through Saturday nights. Your college experience would not be complete without a night at The Maddy.

Victory Cafe. You’ll commonly find graduate students who enjoy craft beer and comfort food hanging out at this repurposed house.

The Brunswick House. If your tastes run a little to the wild side, The Brunny may be your cup of tea. Or beer! It’s common to see a line stretching down the block, waiting for the chance to enjoy drink specials and some dance floor debauchery.

Imperial Pub. Laid back and even cozy, the Imperial Pub is known for its upstairs lounge referred to as “The Library.” If you’d like to take in some live music or have a spot to watch a sporting event, “The Back of Ye Pub” is where you’ll want to be.

Einstein. How about a jukebox, or a game of pool or foosball? If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you’ll want to check out this hot spot for nightly specials and $10 pitchers.

Bistro 422. Greasy food and cheap pitchers are the hallmarks of this shabby-but-charming establishment. You’ll want to try the shooters and mixed drinks, as well! You just may be taken by the unexpected charm of “The Beast!”

You may find a place where you’ll want to become a “regular” or you might like hopping around a bit.

Either way, make some time to relax, have a drink, and get rid of some stress.

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