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Everything You Need to Know About a Canadian Study Permit

If you are an international student considering the option of studying in Canada, you will need to think about a study permit in addition to favorable student housing Toronto. Most foreign nationals are required to apply for this permit long before they can join any school in Canada. The application for the study permit has to be made before traveling to Canada for studies. Ensure that you have all the relevant documents ready before you submit an application.

What exactly is a Canadian study permit?

The study permit is basically a document that will enable you, an international student, to study in a designated learning institution based in Canada. The designated learning institutions are also referred to as DLIs. You have to be accepted in any of the DLIs in order for you to get a study permit. There are conditions that applicants are required to meet when studying in Canada using a study permit.

The main conditions that have to be met include the following:

  • Be enrolled with a DLI for the duration of the studies
  • Progress towards completing your course
  • Respect the conditions listed on your study permit
  • Leave Canada as soon as your permit expires

There are some study permits that specify the level and type of study that you can get into. Other conditions you might find outline things like whether you are allowed to work in Canada while studying, whether you can travel and the end date of the studies.

What is the validity of the permit?

The study permit is normally valid until the end date of your studies. At the end of your studies, you will get an additional 90 days. The purpose of the additional 90 days is to allow you ample time to make preparations to leave the country or to apply for an extension.

An important point you need to remember is that if you finish your studies before the expiry of your study permit, the 90 days will start on the date you finish your course. This is regardless of the expiration date specified on the permit. On the other hand, if your course does not finish by the expiration date of the permit, you are required to apply to extend your stay in the country.

Study in Canada finishes when you get a notification from the institution or get a certificate, diploma or degree.

Is the study permit equal to a visa?

The study permit is not a visa. For the majority of international students, they will need to get both a study permit and a visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA). It is possible to apply for the visa and study permit at the same time. The best news is that applying for both at the same time doesn’t attract an extra charge.

Applying for a student permit is something you need to consider long before you consider getting a room for rent in North York. There are agencies that can help with the application of the permit.

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