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Fun Things to do this Summer on York University

Summer is the period of fun thanks to the beautiful weather, lots of free time, several cultural events and activities. There is no reason for you to be bored. Even if you will not be heading to Hawaii or the Bahamas, there are many fun things to do on the York University campus. Here are the budget-friendly fun things you can do on campus.

The York University Observatory

A night of astronomy and stargazing at York U Observatory is one of the most exciting things you can do in summer. The observatory is located in the Life Sciences Building and offers free public viewing. The public viewings are on Wednesdays from 9pm to 11pm. You can also make plans for private group tours.

Visit the Art Gallery of York University

The Art Gallery of York University showcases modern-day art and targets to connect artists with their audiences in order to promote meaningful conversations. You will find the gallery at the Accolade East building. Admission is free. It is open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays and closes at 8pm on Wednesdays. You can also visit the gallery from noon to 5pm on a Sunday.

Archives of Ontario

If you want to learn more about your family history, the Archives of Ontario is the place you need to visit this summer. The archives collects, manages and preserves records of the Ontario Government. The records offer testament to Canadian history and can help you learn more about your own history. The government records date back to the 18th century. The genealogy program offers free guided public tours that will help review your family tree. Admission is free.

Wheels Wednesdays

If you live in apartments near York University, you can enjoy wheels Wednesdays as many times as you want. This is the time for culinary adventures on campus. On Wednesday starting May to August, you will find popular food trucks on the Campus Walk. The trucks include Beaver Tails, Fully Loaded To and Delight Bite. This is the best time to sample inexpensive but exciting snacks with friends.

Bergeron Center

This is a must-see beautiful building that was inspired by the clouds in the blue sky. It uses architecture as well as interior design to transform traditional learning practices. You can experience this by attending a seminar in the Learning Lab, hold meetings in the dedicated collaboration space or simply relax in the resting pod. The building is LEED Gold accredited.

North American Indigenous Games

The event includes over 5,000 athletes aged 13 to 19 across North America competing in 14 different sports. The games celebrate the culture and talents of the indigenous people of North America. York University hosts most of the games and houses the athletes as well as their families. There is also room to sample indigenous cuisines during the events.

Other great things you can do this summer include getting in shape with the Tait McKenzie summer programs and visiting the Glendon campus. There is absolutely no reason for you to be bored even if you don’t plan on leaving campus this summer.

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