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How to Deal with Depression during the Exam Period

As a college student, regardless of the course you are taking, you will experience highs and lows every few weeks. The episodes of mania are triggered by several things including assignments, social life, and grades. Exams are the main cause of depression in college students. What is even funny is even after experiencing depression due to procrastination, students still procrastinate. This is common due to the loads of things that have to be done on and off campus. Planning your time properly is the first piece of advice you will get from your counselor. But what else can you do to put an end to the episodes of mania each time the exam period approaches?

Adopt a sound study technique

There are so many study techniques out there. It is your job to find the technique that works best for you. Try different techniques and use your favorite one when going through depression. The Pomodoro technique is the favorite of most students. It is preferred because it paces a student through assignments so that you never feel overwhelmed. It advocates for scheduled breaks. This technique works great for most depressed students. The steps of the Pomodoro technique are as follows:

  • Select an assignment to work on
  • Set a 25 minutes timer
  • Give 100% attention to your assignment for 25 minutes.
  • When the timer goes off take a break for 15 minutes
  • Set another 25 minutes timer after the 15 minutes
  • Continue doing this until you are done with the assignment

Your favorite study technique will help remain afloat until your moods stabilize. If you continue feeling overwhelmed, reach out to someone or even seek treatment. Away from that, what else can you do during exams to reduce the negative emotions?

Maintain a balanced diet

A balanced diet will help you feel better during the exam period. The NHS supports this idea. Comfort foods are packed with sugars and fats and will only offer temporary satisfaction. Balanced diet food, on the other hand, will sustain healthy well-being as well as a good mood.

Get enough sleep

Regardless of how much work and studying you have to do, it is imperative that you get some sleep. Good sleep will help your body to recover from the strain. Studying afterward will be much easier.

Get a support system

You need someone to look out for you. Your support system can be made up of a tutor, friend, family member, a classmate or a roommate in apartments near York University. The purpose of a support system is to offer the moral support you need. It helps you view your situation from a different perspective.

Exercise during study breaks

Exercising doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour or two in the gym. Swimming, dancing, walking, and cycling will be enough. Light exercises will boost your energy levels and also relieve stress or tension.

Keep calm

Coursework and exams will not last forever. Remember you are not the only person facing the exams. Surround yourself with positive energy and talk to fellow students.

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