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There are several reasons for wanting a roommate in Canada. You may want to get a bigger apartment in one of the student residences, to reduce monthly expenses or make new friends. Regardless of the reason, finding roommates in Toronto is not an easy process. Chances of ending up with an incompatible cohabitating partner are higher, especially if you do not know the red flags to look for or choose to ignore them.

So how do you find a normal roommate? Below are some tips, resources to check, and elements that can give you clarity before embarking on the search.

Tips for finding a suitable roommate

Search Outside Your Friend’s Circle

Living with friends does not always end well. It may be pleasant at first, but over time, there can be tension that could end the friendship. If you must, ensure you discuss ground rules and boundaries beforehand. Even then, such a move can threaten the bond you share. A better option would be to move in with a friend’s friend – someone who is not too close to you and not a stranger at the same time.

Select the Neighbourhood

Choosing an idyllic location is critical because it influences vital aspects of the living arrangement. You can determine how far the neighbourhood is from your place of work, school, or the amenities available such as public transportation, health facilities, or grocery stores. That also helps you decide whether you want a roommate with a car or not.

Set up an Interview and Prepare Appropriate Questions

Your Toronto roommate search must involve some interview sessions to determine whether the potential cohabitating partner is a good fit. Prepare direct questions, especially those that require yes or no responses. Try to focus on preferences, lifestyle hobbies, and general habits. The right questions can help you determine whether a face-to-face meeting is worthwhile. You can ask a few of them over the phone or online to shortlist potentials.

Remember, you will be sharing the same house with the person. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

Avoid Meeting in Secluded Places

Never agree to meet in secluded or unfamiliar places. Public locations like coffee shops are a better choice. Prompt for more comprehensive answers. Do not be afraid to leave if the meeting is not promising to be fruitful.

If possible, go to their current place to assess their situation after meeting in a public location – you can go with someone you trust. Focus on details like cleanliness; do not ignore red flags like a pile of dishes in the sink or garbage.

Discuss Potential Conflict Triggers

Some common causes of conflict between roommates are money and shared utilities. Discuss the costs you will be splitting, whether food or utility bills. Discuss the use of common areas like bathrooms too. It helps to determine why the person needs a roommate – you can figure out if they are in it for the long or short-term.

Have a Written Agreement

Everything you agree on should be in writing. Examples include a lease contract, payment terms, and shared bills or utilities. Keep a copy safe for later reference. Some costs to include in the agreement are Wi-Fi charges, security deposit, rent, and food. Agree on the share percentage.

Some people may answer your questions reservedly. You can create a more relaxing environment by taking them to a party or any other fun activity like bowling. Such a setup will show you a different perspective.

Factors to consider

The prospect of sharing a house with an unfamiliar person can be nerve-wracking. That is why you need to confirm that you are ready before attempting to answer this question – what is the fastest way to find a roommate? The following factors can be helpful.

Needs – what do you want to add to the apartment? Do you have furniture, or will you share the purchase cost with the roommate? Do you want a roommate for companionship or to share expenses? Distinguish needs and wants.

Goals – are you looking for a long-term or short-term arrangement? Finding a long-term roommate may involve more work, equaling an extended search period. Remember, living with someone for a year or longer requires forging a more meaningful relationship than with someone staying for a month or weeks.

Areas of compromise – what are you willing to compromise? For instance, can you live with a friend without worrying about possible conflict? Can the roommate bring a pet?

Search preparedness – how much time are you willing to dedicate to the search process? You may need to interview several people before finding a perfect match. Do you have the right questions?

Budget – most tips for finding a roommate revolve around your budget. How much are you willing to spend, and is it enough to find a new place or rent a room? Break down the monthly costs, including rent, utility bills, internet, and any other expense you can share, then determine how much you can afford to pay.

How Can I Find a Roommate in Toronto?

You can find a roommate online if you know where to look. The resources below have been beneficial to most people. They have also received good reviews. However, doing due diligence before accepting any roommate application is fundamental.


Padmapper is not a favourite for most people, but it is effective for reaching potential roommates. You only need to adjust your search keywords from apartments to rooms to increase your chances of finding the perfect house-sharing partner. The site has been around for a long time, but it has a new interface now.

Roomie Match

Roomie Match is a roommate finder for Toronto and US residents. The site has employees who review profiles and flag spam and scams, increasing its safety considerably. The downside is that they charge an annual subscription fee of $20, but that charge increases the chances of meeting an ideal roommate because only serious people would be willing to pay.


Bunz has many offers for users, making it one of the best and most reliable platforms for finding roommates. One of the perks is that you do not pay any fee. However, you must send a request and wait before joining the diverse community of users. Restrict your search to the “home zone.”

Roommate Mixer (Toronto)

The same people who manage Apartmate are responsible for Toronto Roommate Mixer. It is more of an event that takes place occasionally, providing the opportunity to mingle with potential roommates one-on-one.


The app pairs users according to their data. You enter your information, and they display people with similar needs or wants. You can go through their bio and contact the ones you think are most suitable.

Nice Place Toronto

The Nice Place website operates slightly differently from the others. The site managers do most of the work and outline all the resources you need to simplify your search. For instance, they post rooms available in people’s houses as an alternative for users seeking roommates – you can move in to live with the inhabitants. You can also post your apartment.

So, is finding a roommate easy? The information above should make the process less stressful and more straightforward. You can also use social media for searches or ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you need housing expert advice, contact Quad. We have the most luxurious apartment options that you can check out.

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