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Major Differences Between High School and University/College

The time has come to go to college/university, and the excitement in you is so high you’re not sure if it is normal to feel the way you do. Well, you are not the fast nor the last student to experience these mixed emotions. Nonetheless, it is best you get ready for some serious responsibilities because as soon as you get into the university things will mostly depend on you.

So, what are some of the changes you should expect?

1.  It will not be easy to meet up with friends as you used to in high school

You could have the same exact program as your pals and still not get to see them satisfactorily due to different schedules. Even so, you can always catch up with your friends, maybe not for the longest time period, but by simply walking them to their classes or sharing meals with each other. This way you will always stay in touch with them even if you don’t meet up regularly.

2.  No one will scold you if you miss classes

This means that you will totally be responsible for your performance. Failing to attend classes will seriously affect your performance, and who will you have to blame for that? Nobody but yourself. So it’s always wise to balance fun life at school, your academics, personal and professional priorities in order to excel at what brought you to the university/college in the first place – academics.

3.  You may not get to enjoy wholesome three-course meals anymore

The student diet plight will strike as soon as you reach in the university/college, and as much as eating healthy is everyone’s biggest priority in life, you may feel a little strained either on your wallet or on your time. Luckily, there are so many online recipes you can look up and make some delicious lunches, snacks or dinners to make sure you are sharp at your academics and feeling healthy and happy. Try them out and get creative as much as possible.

4.  Forget even split schedules

Such schedules will have to be forgotten because at the university/college you could have breaks ranging from 30minutes to several hours. That being the case, it is always advisable to make use of your time. For example, you could have snacks or chat with friends during short breaks whereas you could set aside time for deep studying, intense workouts or personal cleaning for the longer breaks. Either way, make sure to avoid procrastination at all costs by setting up a recurring routine that will help you keep consistency.

As we conclude, we advise you to familiarize with the surrounding area. Get to know the best residence at York University, take a look at the restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores and even campus clubs around so that you know how you will survive at school.

All the best and have fun enjoying your new independence.

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