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Schulich Housing York University / Schulich Residences York University

The Schulich School of Business welcomes students from around the world into its halls, teaching them the fundamentals and allowing the leaders of tomorrow to develop their expertise. In order to best set one up for the maximum fun and the most effective learning experience, there is wide availability to consider in Schulich Housing at York University and Schulich Residences at York University.

The student housing available for Schulich business students accommodates students from across Canada as well as from around the world, giving them access to premiere York University amenities. Of these, there are on-campus theatre productions and community shows, a student pub and student centre, a student coffee shop, York University’s very own shopping mall in the form of York Lanes, and a number of inter-university sporting events.

Via Schulich Housing at York University, a student will also have close access to some of the biggest event attractions including Homecoming and the YorkFest Festival Village and Concert in September, and Multicultural Week in February. Close proximity to the Schulich Residences at York University has students near to a variety of iconic university buildings including the Archives of Ontario building, Vari Hall, the Accolades Building for Fine Arts, the Life Sciences Building, and the Bergeron Building.

Schulich Residences at York University and Schulich Housing at York University provides a safe, convenient environment for students to thrive. Living here gives a student the opportunity to focus on their studies when that’s what is called for but also have a number of accommodations and amenities close by to explore. Depending on your interests and what kind of amenities you want to be surrounded by, there are numerous options to choose from.

A student’s university experience should not just be about classroom instruction. It’s also about developing as people, taking advantage of the opportunities that lie in the heart of the city, and to connect with new friends. With the variety of units available, a student has the chance to always be within walking distance of anything they need whether that’s shops, sports and fitness facilities, restaurants, nightlife, art galleries, or parks and green spaces. A student can choose housing that is more private or a residence that is more communal-based. It’s all in a student’s preference. Take advantage of what’s available and immerse yourself in Toronto university life with Schulich housing or Schulich residences near York University.

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