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Six Dorm Room Etiquette Tips

Even if you have selected the best York University residence, moving in with a stranger can be downright traumatizing, especially if it’s your first time living away from home. Nevertheless, some students find dorm sharing to be as easy as pie since they have shared a room before, be it at home with their siblings or at summer camp with friends. On the other hand, many lack a room sharing frame of reference and thus face a difficult time the moment they have to live with a complete stranger on the campus.

We have compiled etiquette tips that will save you many difficult moments and ensure that you are keeping peace with your roommate. By utilizing the following tips, you will have a positive dorm room experience, characterized by mutual respect/friendship between you and your roommate.

1. The code of silence

There is a very high chance that you will have a different schedule as compared to that of your roommate. To add to that, your study times might be different as he/she might prefer to study early in the morning and you might prefer studying late at night. Whatever the case, make sure that you are considerate enough if you want your roommate to be similarly accommodative.

2. Permission

When it comes to your roommate’s belongings, asking for permission before use goes a long way in maintaining the harmony in your room. With strangers, it is very easy to cross the line since you don’t know these people well. Avoid squabbling over petty issues by respecting your roommate’s space and belongings.

3. Neatness/cleanliness

Things clutter easily when two people are sharing a small space. By keeping your side of the room clean and neat, your roommate will want to follow suit and both of you will have a space that brings joy. Remember, the cleaner your surrounding is, the more productive you will become.

4. Be considerate

As much as you would love to spend time with your significant other, don’t put your roommate in an awkward situation by subjecting him or her to public displays of affection. Therefore, make sure that you have talked to your roommate before having someone over. This way, he/she will be ready to give you space when your special friend arrives. Monopolizing a space for two will only lead to bad blood. You don’t want to be in the bad books of a vengeful roommate.

5. Protect your items

Keep all your valuables locked in a safe to avoid losing them. As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Don’t wait until you start missing your items for you to be careful. As you and your roommate don’t know each other very well, don’t assume anything.

6. Practice good bathroom sharing

Bathrooms are one of the most vital spaces in any house and if you are sharing yours with anyone, make sure both of you have agreed on terms of its use. It is also vital that you keep it clean at all times since bathrooms get dirty real quick. Let each one of you clean it after every use.

Sharing a dorm room isn’t difficult if there are some ground rules being followed by all parties. Utilize the above tips for a stress-free dorm room sharing time.

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