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The Realities of Living as a Student in Toronto

So, you have finally received your admission letter to join the York University Keele Campus for your undergrad? Well, that’s a good move. Learning in Toronto is full of fun, and in most cases, we put our expectations high, living in one of the best cities in the world. We have our expectations of dining, dating life, and partying.

Toronto has a lot of stuff to offer you; some may surprise you as a newcomer in the city. In this post, we give you a reason to keep your expectations realistic as a student living in Toronto. If you are looking for student housing in Toronto area, contact York University Housing at (416) 736-7823 now.

Here are some of the realities of living in this part of the country.

Renting is Expensive

If you are planning to live in your apartment in the city, then you should think of a better way to pay the rent. A typical apartment may cost you at least $1,700. Renting is very expensive, especially if you don’t have a side hustle and you intend to live alone. You can look for a roommate to cost-share the house rent, but wait a minute, finding a friend you trust in the city is not that easy.

You cannot party Everywhere

Yes, you are not going to party in every club or bar around, because your student wallet does not allow you; most of the high-end clubs in TO are very expensive. Ideally, most students prefer house-partying, because this way they can just have fun without having to break the bank. So, if you are thinking of partying in the city in odd hours, you should try to lower your expectations.

Dating is a Bit Challenging

Everyone needs a friend or a date, and that means going out of the comfort zone to look for one. Dating in Toronto as a student can be a bit daunting. Yes, there are many people in the city, but finding the right people to hold your hand is never easy. In most cases, you will be distracted by those intending to exploit you. Keep your eyes open if you want to find someone to date.

No Homecoming

If you are expecting a lit homecoming when you visit your college in Toronto, then you are in for a big shock. Notably, most institutions in the city do not have homecoming programs for new students. Yes, it is that dull. The majority of the colleges don’t even have a football team that you can join in spicing up your student life.

Buying food will eat your wallet

Not every student is lucky to have meals included in their tuition fee. If you don’t, you must find a way of getting cheaper food. It is a bit cheaper to cook your meals rather than buying. You are likely to eat the same meals every day if you cannot afford cooking or you are not a good cook. You can use apps like Uber Eats and Just Eat to make an order for cheap food right to your doorstep.

Wrap Up

As a student in Toronto, it is important to set your expectations on food, commuting, and dating a bit low. This way, you can enjoy your stay in this part of the country as a student. Staying in TO as a student is full of challenges. The best way to ensure you fit in the city is to live within your means.

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