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With York being a large commuter school in Ontario, many students never take the time to explore the school’s wonderful offerings. They simply focus on their classes. As you work on your schedule, you need to include some free time. On days when you finish classes early or when you have long breaks between classes, there are many fantastic activities you can try. This post takes a look at some of the fun things you can do on campus.

Visit the numerous green spaces

York has many green spaces waiting for students to explore. The woodlots include Boynton, Boyer, Danby, Osgoode and Strong Pond. All these areas have many shrubs, trees and wildlife. The woodlots are used for recreation, research and as green spaces. You can visit any of these woodlots to immerse yourself in nature and take in the fresh air.

Another great place to spend time is the Commons. It is located at the center of campus, surrounded by the Student Center, Vari Hall and Accolade East. It is an amazing place to take pictures and go for walks. Don’t forget to bring your camera and a few friends. Challenge yourself by identifying different wildlife.

Hit the Gym

There is no better time to start getting in shape than now. Whether you want to deal with the pressure during the exam period, get in shape, or start a new habit, the gym offers the perfect opportunity. The gym facility at Quad Residence not only gives you a chance to exercise and unwind but also to network with like-minded individuals and form relationships that last a lifetime. The fitness center has everything you need to get in shape. It is a resort-style fitness center where you can do cardio and lift weights.

When you have free time on campus, you should check out the Quad gym and maybe try a mixture of cardio-like circuits or kickboxing. You can also head to the weight room and run a few miles on the treadmill. Going to the gym can help clear your mind, relieve stress, and do something you enjoy as you get in shape.

Visit affiliated colleges

Depending on your program, you are linked to a specific college. Environmental Studies, for example, is linked to the Founders college. Needless to say, the college your program is linked to has a location, events and student spaces. You should consider visiting the college your program is linked to. For example, if you are visiting the Founder’s college, you can visit the Junior Common Room. This is a space where students can hang out, relax, study and pass the time. The lounge has couches, chill vibes, video games, and foosball. It is a great place to relax and network. Research the program you are in and visit the affiliated college. You might be amazed by what they offer.

Visit the art galleries

Did you know there are art galleries on campus? There are so many pieces of art and things worth admiring. They range from dance and poetry to sketches and sculptures. You will find some of the most creative pieces in the Art Gallery of York University. You will find the Art Gallery in the Accolade East Building. The art gallery is accessible using many modes of transport, including the subway. Don’t forget to take the outdoor sculpture tour which takes place on Wednesdays from noon. The art gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things you can do when you are free from class. The gallery will inspire and motivate you to transform your vision into action.

Study and go through your notes

Although relaxing and having fun while at school is very important, you should never forget about self-care and school work. The objective of going to school is to get an education. At the end of the day, even in your free time, you should take the time to review your notes and study. Doing so is the key to achieving academic success. Take about 30 minutes every day to go through your notes and study what you have learnt. For this part, most students require an appealing and quiet space.

The Quad Student Residence offers the best environment to study, relax and have fun while on campus. The facility has everything you need to achieve academic goals and go through campus life without feeling like a prisoner. Get in touch to find out more about our fully amenitized living.

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