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Things You Can Absolutely Expect On Your First Semester At York University

There are always lots of expectations and excitement, hope and a few nerves when one joins a new university. As the opening date approaches, fear starts building up and the butterflies in your stomach become more active than ever. A few hours of the opening day might turn all the excitement and fear into feelings of frustration and confusion. If you are the highly emotional type, expect to pee your pants a few times if you are not prepared when the D-day comes.

To ensure that you are very ready for York University, here is a list of things you should anticipate:

1. Difficulties moving in

It is paramount that you know everyone will have the same move-in day at York University. You, therefore, ought to expect a sea of humanity when the day comes. Frightening or not, this is a situation you have to get used to since the university accommodates 5000 plus individuals per year. You might also find yourself sobbing if you have too many boxes to pack, carry, and unpack. A cool head and a minimalist approach will save you a lot of pressure when you are moving in.

2. Long lines

It is no brainer that during your first days you will have to line up for things such as identification card processing. The William Small Centre will host you for such activities and it is important to expect long queues during the first month. Watch out as the tiredness that comes with these long queues usually leads to very awkward student card pictures. Unless you have the energy/time to hustle for a better picture, your weird photo will represent you throughout your stay at York University.

3. Friendships and orientation week

There is a very high chance you will not be close friends with the person you meet during your first days. Many create friendships with their fellow strangers because of being uncomfortable and lonely, which is normal during orientation week. After settling down, these initial friendships fade away (you might even never meet that person again) and associations that are more meaningful begin to grow.

4. Joining clubs

If there is a time that club patrons/officials work hard, it is during the orientation week. You might find yourself joining every club and attending all the events. Don’t feel any shame if this happens. It is your time and it will be a long period. Try out everything!

5. Numerous fire drills

Prepare to get York’d.

Whether yours seems like the best residence at York University or not, fire drills will happen at any time during any night.

6. The real syllabus

Many get to realize they are no longer in high school the moment they see their new syllabus. Since you are at York to learn; don’t let a packed syllabus or exam timetable stress you out. A York University student should be ready to do exams even on December 23!

7. Endless discussions

Advocates, petitioners, and protesters will be looking forward to having endless conversations with you after you join the university. Some of them have very bad timing because they stop you when you are just about to be late for class.

Nevertheless, you are most welcome to York University. Enjoy your time here.

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