Tips to Pass your IELTS Test

There are many English proficiency tests globally but The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely recognized. You may be required to take this test for different reasons such as immigration purposes. Whether English is your first or third language, passing the IELTS test may not come as naturally as you expect. Before you leave the York U residence, know what to expect on the day of the test and be well prepared. We’ll help you get a high score on your IELTS test by sharing a few tips below.

Show up early

Nothing ruins your chances of passing any test than showing up late. Leave the York University housing facility early enough. Make sure you arrive at least an hour before the test begins. Carry all the documents that will be required which includes your ID, a passport or permanent residence card and be aware of what’s not allowed in the exam rooms. As soon as you arrive at the exam room, you will have a biometric scan taken and all your details will be confirmed. Make sure you visit the bathroom before the test begins.

Be prepared for the listening skills test

As soon as you are all seated, the test begins. The IELTS staff will walk you through all the details you need to be aware of during the test. Then your listening skills will be tested. After listening for a couple of minutes, you will be given an opportunity to transfer what you heard on your paper. Make sure everything is spelt out correctly. You’ll only be given 10 minutes to write everything down. After the time elapses, the IELTS staff will come and collecting your paper for the listening test.

Prepare well for the reading test

Soon after, you will be given the reading test materials. This section of the test takes only 60 minutes so avoid wasting it by going for bathroom breaks. Avoid writing your answers on a separate note since you may not have time to transfer them to the answer sheet. As soon as the time is up and pencils are down, all your reading test materials will be collected and you will move on to the next part of the test.

How to prepare for the writing test

In the writing test, you will be given 60 minutes as well. You will be given two tasks so you should always start with the easiest one. Read both of the tasks and begin with the one you know. Start by writing your ideas and make sure you keep track of how you are using your time. The first task should take you 20 minutes since you are only required to write 150 words long and the other task should take you 40 minutes since you’ll be writing 250 words.

Next, check when you are scheduled for the speaking test. Don’t rush back to your room if you are living on campus near York University. This test only takes about 14 minutes. Once it’s done, don’t ask the examiner how you did it since they will never tell you about your performance. Wait for the results within 13 calendar days.

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