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Top 4 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated at the Beginning of the Year

To many people, January is usually cold and grey. Christmas becomes a distant memory and to make matters worse, you may be required to prepare for January exams. However, not everything about January is bad. This month symbolizes a new beginning for most people. It is a chance for you to think about the new year’s resolutions you can make to achieve a healthier and happier life.
Here are top four tips to help you stay motivated from the beginning of the year:

1. Use your phone appropriately

If your phone is a significant part of your procrastination problem, you’re probably for the idea that using your phone won’t make anything easier. However, there are numerous apps you can install on your phone to motivate you and help you stay focused on achieving your goals.
Some phone applications such as myHomework Student Planner allow you to track your projects, assignments, and upcoming examinations. Other apps such as Quizlet make revision enjoyable. These apps and other similar ones can help you to stay motivated throughout January and well into February.

2. Set small achievable milestones

If you’re tackling a big project, setting yourself small goals will keep you motivated. Consider setting realistic, small targets. Conquer each of these milestones one at a time, and at the end, you will achieve your bigger goal.
For instance, if you intend to graduate with a specific overall grade, you can’t achieve that within a week or one month. However, researching intensively for your assignments and submitting them in time will help you work towards your big goal. That means you can split your major goal into small and more manageable tasks.

3. Focus on making your tasks enjoyable

There are many ways of making a seemingly dull task more interesting and fun. For instance, if you live in the
apartments near York University and don’t like running during this cold winter weather, you can make the task more amusing by using apps such as Fit for Battle, Run an Empire or Code Runner. When using these apps, your runs become part of this amusing game as you speed up to get in shape.
One way of making your revisions more interesting is by turning a set of figures or facts into a memorable rhyme or song. You can also listen to motivational music or even reward yourself every time you complete one page in a dull book.

4. Always have a plan to look forward to

Another effective way to beat the never-ending January blues is having something in your diary to look forward to. For instance, you can schedule a gig with your best friends or a proper night out at the end of the month instead of staying within York University housing for a whole month. You can also plan for a holiday during summer or set any other plan that will keep you going.
Even if everything else fails, keep in mind there are other 11 months in a year. Spring is coming, your days are likely to start getting longer, and it’s a perfect time for new beginnings.

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