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Top 5 Tips to Beat Anxiety at University

Avoid being the cause of your anxiety. You will be given enough time to prepare for your essays or exams. Just because some of your course mates leave their work to the last minute and score the best grades, doesn’t mean you should do the same. If you prepare well for your exams, you will feel confident when you will be sitting for the examinations. This will make you less anxious.
Here are five important tips to help you beat anxiety in university:

1. Always remember you’re not alone

In some cases, you may think that everyone living in the apartments near York University is very confident. However, that isn’t always the case. Some students are simply better at hiding their levels of anxiety. If you’re a beginner and you’re anxious about making new friends or handling an issue, just take a deep breath and do what you’re supposed to do. Introduce yourself to other students, and they will be grateful.

2. Talk to someone you can trust

A problem shared is a problem half solved. This sounds like a cliché but has a lot of truth. Sometimes, you may get stuck in your own head, and by sharing your problem with someone you can trust, the solution may become obvious.
Many students or even counselors have felt anxious about similar things at some point. The person you talk about your anxiety may offer you invaluable coping information. If you realize that your anxiety is study-related, it’s wise to talk to your instructors. Consider talking to a tutor before the essay submission deadline and tell him or her you’re struggling. Most university tutors have experience in helping students with anxiety. They can advise you on the best solution and help you get back on track.

3. Exercise

Research has revealed that regular exercise can help you overcome mild anxiety rather than taking medication. Taking up an exercise class or going for a morning run can help you relax and have better sleep at night.

4. Pause and take a break

Simply step back from the issue at hand, go out and take a deep breath. This will certainly help you refocus on the problem you’re  trying to solve in a rational way in order to arrive at a solution. You’ll be surprised what some minutes of ‘me time’ every day can do to ease anxiety. Have faith that eventually all will be well because it will be.

5. Eat a balanced diet

Studies reveal that a bad diet can make anxiety symptoms worse. Thus, it’s wise to ditch that junky pizza and reach out for a balanced diet. Eating healthy foods makes you feel confident. A healthy diet makes you feel more energized and able to think clearly. Whether you live in the York University residence area or not, consider preparing great meals for yourself.

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