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Top Time Management Apps for Students

If you struggle to plan your time, often thinking that there are not enough hours in a day, it’s time to learn various ways of managing your time. There are many apps you can download and install to enhance your productivity, check the completed tasks off on your to-do list, and stay more organized.

Productivity apps for a student

If you wish to be more productive and keep track of deadlines, try installing and using the following apps;

myHomework Student Planner

This app is perfect for all levels of learning from high school to university. The app offers you a calendar that allows you to track your exams, assignments, projects and other important school-related events. myHomework Student Planner also has a widget that allows you to sync all your assignments and receive timely reminders for when these assignments are due.


Trello is a productivity app that allows students to organize all the projects they are working on through boards. These boards can be created using the app and customized, making Trello an ideal app for sharing tasks, especially for group assignments.
The app also allows you to keep separate to-do lists; one for the tasks you are currently doing and another for the completed ones.


Evernote is an excellent app for keeping your thoughts and assignments organized. The app allows you to sync personal notes and checklists across different devices. That means you can work on a task using one device and switch to another without losing any detail.

Pomodoro apps

If you want to get started on an essay or revision, you can try the Pomodoro technique. This technique allows you to set small achievable milestones. That means you can break down your work into intervals of about 25 minutes. Once you complete each task, take a break. Though you need a timer for this technique to be effective, some apps such as Pomodairo may be helpful. If you live in the York University residence the app can help you get things done in time.

Apps to block distractions

In case you’re hooked on social media, and you can’t help checking Facebook and Twitter every five minutes, you can use particular apps to block these distractions. You can consider installing Anti-Social media app on your phone.

To-do list apps

Numerous time management apps are very effective when it comes to letting a student check off their virtual to-do list. Some of these apps include Remember the Milk, 2Do, Finish, and more. If you share a room with other students in York University housing, then, you can use these apps to share house chores.

More excellent apps for students

Google keep: This app is available for both Android and iOS. The app uses a pinboard format. It allows you to pin lists, voice memos, notes, and more.
Quizlet: Flashcards can help you memorize important details for the exam. Quizlet allows you to create flashcards. It can also offer you insights regarding the areas you should improve or offer you hints in the areas you need improvement.
SimpleMind+: This app allows a student to organize his or her thoughts by creating mind maps. You can sync these mind maps with your Google Drive and Dropbox then share them with your friends.

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