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York’s Aviva Community Centre For a Better, Vibrant Community

Cycling is one of the easiest ways to get around while building a good cardio. It is for these reasons and more that York University and Regenesis York have come together to provide one of the most needed services around York. The Regenesis York Community Centre is a dream that aims to bring bike rentals, repair and awareness near your campus. Students will no longer have to walk taking long periods between blocks nor incur huge costs buying bikes. This dream can be realized through the Aviva Community Fund, which is where you come in as a Yorker.

What does Aviva Community Centre do?

The community funds are put into holding competitions that are decided upon through voting geared towards funding projects that empower the community. The community members get a chance to vote for a project they feel benefits the neighborhood the most and in turn the Aviva Community Fund supports the project.

Why vote for Regenesis York Centre?

Our project will give bike rental access to over 50,000 students and community members for the purpose of getting around more conveniently and safely. We also intend to set up tools for bicycle repair as well as cycling resources. All these will be done at affordable rates that are student and community friendly.

We will also provide cycling classes and carry out environmental awareness campaigns on the same. The classes will teach on how to cycle, repair bikes as well as safety. We will also create cycling events to bring the community together while having fun. We intend to hit the North York area trails alongside the already existing bike trails in the process.

The Community Centre will be located on the ground floor of the recently commissioned Quad Student Housing Community. This dream is impossible to achieve without the help of the community which is why we are asking you to vote for us. We are also calling upon the members of the community to create awareness of the project as well as vote for it.

We as York University and Regenesis York Centre endeavor to change the community by providing the best means to access different parts of the town while enhancing fitness for all. It is also an ideal solution for families and friends alike looking to major on their bonding time since cycling can Be so much fun.

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