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Where to Eat on Campus


Amaya Express: Craving some delicious Indian food? Look no further than Amaya Express! With a huge menu and affordable prices, Amaya Express is sure to satisfy your cravings with their delicious butter chicken or lamb biryani…with a samosa basket, of course!


Fat Burger: This Canadian owned and operated chain serves premium ingredients, starting with fresh, never frozen beef with no additives, and finishing with natural and fresh toppings. The extensive menu at Fat Burger offers a variety of unique burgers, like the Hawaiian Cheeseburger or Mushroom Swiss, along with delicious sandwiches and wings.


Mandarin: This awardwinning Chinese-Canadian buffet has won over Canadians time and time again, as proven by the 20-year record as Best Buffet by The Toronto Sun readers. The Mandarin offers delicious Chinese-Canadian food, with staples such as orange beef, lemon chicken, and of course chicken balls and fried rice.


Subway: Subway is the perfect place to grab a meal that will fill you up without weighing heavily on your conscious for the rest of the day. Now serving breakfast, it’s a great place to stop before your morning lectures…you can grab your breakfast and lunch all in one stop! Don’t forget to keep track of the ‘sub of the day’ specials and grab your favourite once a week for a discounted price.


Me-Va-Me Kitchen Express: Looking for the perfect hummus, chicken skewer, or Greek salad? Look no further than Me-Va-Me Kitchen Express where they offer delicious East Mediterranean food prepared in an open-concept kitchen so you can watch your food being made. It’s entertaining, delicious and they also offer wine and beer to compliment your meal!

Basil Box

Basil Box: Basil Box is the perfect place for the picky eater and the adventurous eater. In other words, there’s something for everyone here! At Basil Box they serve food inspired by street markets in Thailand and Vietnam allowing you to design your meal. Choosing from a base of rice, noodles or greens and building from there by adding different vegetables and proteins, no two meals ever have to be the same!

Aroma Espresso

Aroma: If you’re looking for the perfect pick me up after a late night of studying, make sure you stop at Aroma Espresso Bar on the way to class! Serving deliciously crafted lattes, espressos and other hot and cold drinks you can’t go wrong with a stop here at any time of day. Aroma also offers nutritious hand-crafted sandwiches, salads and breakfast items to compliment your beverage choice.

Banh Me Boys

Banh Mi Boys: This sandwich shop has taken Toronto by storm with its delicious Banh Mi sandwiches, including braised beef cheek and duck confit. If the sandwiches aren’t up your alley, they also serve steamed bao, tacos, and creative sides like kimchi or tofu fries.

Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard: Burritos made with a wide variety of flavours and only the freshest ingredients are what you’ll get at Fat Bastard. The menu will have something for everyone with burrito options including baked chicken, battered fish, and even baked yam. If you prefer quesadillas they also offer them in a variety of tempting options and be sure to not skip dessert here. The deep fried mars bar or cinnamon churro chips are both must tris!

Booster Juice

Booster Juice: Booster Juice is the smoothie classic and a great lecture companion as an alternative to other fast food options. Grab one as a snack on the way to a lecture with an energy or brain booster and you won’t regret it. The smoothies here are made from fresh pure juice and fruit along with yogurt and ice.

Gong Cha

Gong Cha: If you’re a fan of highquality tea beverages then this is the place for you.  Gong Cha offers ice smoothies, lattes, coffees all with incredibly unique flavours like coconut, grapefruit, honey, and lychee.  If the menu is too much to choose from and everything seems good, go with one of their best sellers like the Milk Foam Wintermelon or Royal Milk Tea with Pearl. One of the best parts about Gong Cha is that you can go back regularly and never have the same drink twice!

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