York University Policies You Need To Be Aware Of

Despite our best efforts, sometimes things get off-track.

If your grades and resulting GPA are in danger, you need to pay attention to these recently revised policies.

Keep in mind that these three policies are for students who have completed or nearly completed a course and need to reevaluate.

Please note that there are other options for you if you’re struggling or have an issue earlier in the course.

Let’s take a look at an overview of the policies that could help you out of a tough spot.

Course Repeat Policy

This policy allows you to take the same class as many as three times. Only the latest grade will count toward your GPA and total credits. Your other attempts at the course will show up on your transcript with a “No Credit Retained” notation.

You would take advantage of the Course Repeat Policy if you aren’t happy with your grade and would like to try to take it again, whether you need to or not.

It’s available to all current students with a few exceptions:

– Students enrolled in graduate or diploma programs.

– Those in the Bachelor of Education program.

– Students in the Juris Doctor degree program.

– Students in practicum classes that are in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

– Those taking practicum classes in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Withdrawn From Course Policy

This policy allows you to drop a class even if you’re past the “last day to drop” deadline. You won’t receive a refund for the course.

There are two different ways that this scenario may play out.

If you were to withdraw before the last day of class, you don’t have to give a reason for dropping. If it’s after the last day, you must be granted permission.

You would need to take advantage of this policy if something happens that would make it difficult or impossible to maintain your academic status in the course.

There are some students who are ineligible for the Withdrawn from Course Policy. Those in:

– A graduate program.

– The JD program.

– Any learning placements that are experience-based.

– Exchange courses taken through another college or university.

Course Relief Policy

This policy is for students who change their course program and would like to exclude grades from their previous program and from their overall GPA. This option is not available for classes that are a part of the new program and the previous program.

There are some eligibility and ineligibility rules with this policy.

In order to be eligible you must be in one of these two situations:

– A continuing undergraduate student who has earned less than 84 credits and meets the requirements in order to begin a new program of study.

– An undergraduate student who is returning to school after a Required Withdrawal or Debarment who meets the requirements for the new program and has received approval for the new program.

Those ineligible to take advantage of this policy are those who are:

– Obtaining a second degree.

– Making a second program change.

– In a graduate program.

It’s a good idea to be aware of these policies in the event that you find yourself in a bind that you’re unable to rectify otherwise.

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