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York University Residence and Meal Fees

Many students joining York University prefer seeking off-campus housing due to the belief that university residence plans are costly. Whether this belief is true or not depends on how much a student is willing to pay to get accommodation. In some cases, university residence accommodation may be costly as compared to off-campus housing and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it is paramount that you know how much it costs to live in university residence so that you can compare that with off-campus housing rates to know which plan fits you right. That is why we have compiled the different rates offered at York University below.

York University Rates

York University has ten undergraduate residence buildings: 2 at Glendon Campus and 8 at Keele campus. Each of these buildings houses approximately 250 students.

There are two types of undergraduate residence buildings in York University:

1.Traditional style buildings

These are the buildings with single and double rooms, with shared a common lounge and washroom areas. The York University residence fees for a single room starts at around $7,512.

If you choose to live in a traditional style building, it is necessary that you purchase a meal plan because this is a requirement by the university. Meal plans are available in different packages each going for a different price. You can buy a meal plan for about $4000 and more. We have a variety of options you can choose from. The government exempts all meal plans from HTC (Harmonized Sales Taxes).

2.Suite-style residences

These are buildings with rooms shared by roughly 2-6 students. They have shared washrooms and en-suite kitchen. In suite-style residences, meal plans are optional. The price for a room (double or single) in a suite starts at roughly $8,127.

Students can choose between the two types of residences. Go for whichever fits you right.

Extra Room Fees

On top of paying for the room you choose, university residences require you to pay around $300 as Room Offer Deposit, which is payable after you accept your room offer. There is also an additional $80, which you pay as RLAAF (Resident Life Activity and Administration Fee). This fee is non-refundable.

Meal Plans

Every student at York University is entitled to a meal plan. If you are not living in a traditional residence where you must have a meal plan, you can purchase your own meal plan and pay for it separately.

Meal plans can range anywhere between $1600 to $4600 for the most expensive ones.


All rooms in York University have a desk, chair, twin beds, garbage bin, lamp, and dresser. There is also high-speed Internet access, available in all residences. If you are willing to pay an additional fee, you can subscribe to phone services or cable television.

All prices are for a 8-month period.

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