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Your Guide to Finding Student Accommodation in Toronto

If you are looking forward to joining a university in Toronto, then you must plan well for your accommodation in the city. Finding student residence in Toronto can be a bit overwhelming at times. Students who are not conversant with the streets may even lose track of the way when looking for accommodation in the city. If you are looking for student housing in Toronto area, contact York University Housing at (416) 736-7823 now.

There are vital factors such as rent, safety, and connectivity, which you must consider to ensure you find the best and affordable accommodation for your stay in this busy city. If you want to begin hunting for a house in Toronto as a student, then this post is for you. Here is what you should know about student accommodation in Canada.

Types of accommodation

Student accommodation in Canada can be grouped under long-term and short-term. Most international students prefer long-term accommodation because it’s a bit affordable when renting per annum. Let’s have a look at these types of accommodation.

Long-term accommodation

Long-term accommodation includes the following options:

  • Homestay: Most international students prefer this type of housing because it is a bit affordable and gives you a chance to become more familiar with the locals. If you opt for a homestay, you must always confirm that you can live by the household rules first. Canadian homestay ranges from $400-$800.
  • Flats: You can also rent an apartment from as little as $250 and live alone. Also, you can find a friend and cost-cut by sharing the flat.
  • On-campus: These are accommodation facilities that colleges and universities provide for international students close to their campuses. It is an excellent option if you are looking for cheap accommodation.

Short-term accommodation
These are the options for short-term accommodation for students in Toronto:

  • Youth hostels: Youth hostels are the cheapest types of accommodation for students pursuing short courses in Canada. They are accommodation facilities that individuals can share with others. The rates for youth hostels range from $10-$20 per night.
  • Hotel stays: Depending on the luxury quotient of the hotel, you are likely to part ways with at least $45 per night. Like in most cities, there are plenty of hotels in Toronto that you can book to stay while you pursue your short course.
  • B&B (Bread and Breakfast): These are very common accommodation options for a student pursuing short courses. You can get a private room in a home or an establishment that provides breakfast to kick-start your day. You are likely to pay between $35 and $105 per night if you opt for B&B. The amount you pay will vary based on the facilities available in the room.

Wrap up

Studying abroad can be a bit challenging. Finding the best accommodation in Toronto may cost you a lot as a student. If you are here on a short course, you can prefer affordable housing in some safe and easy to connect places in the city.

For international students visiting Toronto for further education, long-term accommodation is the best option. Also, you want to ensure you come to study in Toronto on a scholarship so that you can meet all your bills on time and have peace of mind when studying.

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