Great Part-Time Jobs for Busy University Students

The first semester of university teaches students that they don’t have a lot of spare time. On top of the crazy number of examinations and assignments to prepare for, they also need to attend various social events and have a taste of social life.
With so many commitments it’s difficult for you to make money especially if you are a busy student. Here is a list of great part-time jobs for busy students.

1. Tutoring

As a postgraduate or undergraduate student living in the apartments near York University, you can make a decent income through coaching younger students in a one-on-one setting. Note that the demand for tutoring is typically high for Mathematics, Sciences, and English. Besides, there are countless students looking for help in niche areas such as Law, Philosophy, and Psychology.

2. Freelance writing

If you want to gain some writing experience before you leave university or you have always fancied yourself as a wordsmith, you can consider offering paid freelance writing services. There are a lot of opportunities for freelance writing out there for students with great communication skills.
You can write guest posts, offer technical writing services, and copy-editing services. Besides, you can opt to do other writing jobs you may not have considered such as writing entertaining newspaper articles. Just like online tutoring, you can do freelance writing from any location; home, York University residence, local library, and more.

3. Babysitting

Every parent would wish to have a break in the evening, and as such, he or she will need someone to watch over the children. Babysitting in the evening is associated with some benefits. First, it’s usually minimal work as the children sleep early. Therefore, you can still study when doing your part-time job.
If you do a great job, the chances are that parents will ask you back. After all, parents love sticking to a particular babysitter if the babysitter is trustworthy and does an excellent job. That means you can have a good source of income while studying.

4. Massage therapist

Becoming a massage therapist is a more unusual type of part-time job for a student. However, PayScale reveals that massage therapist is among the top jobs for university students looking for extra cash. To become a professional massage therapist, you will need to complete a particular course. Note that the combination of flexible hours and high pay means that this part-time job certainly pays off. Granted, most of your regular clients may turn out to be some of your overworked school mates seeking to relieve some tension.

5. Clinical trials

Participating in most clinical trials carries some risk and this fact should not be understated. Note that each country has rules and regulations to minimize the chances of harm that may occur. For example, in the United Kingdom, every study must be approved by the government ethics. The study should also be approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority). This ensures that your wellbeing is prioritized.
Before the clinical trial, you will be required to undergo some medical tests for the doctors to be sure that you are in good health. During the trial period, you will need to stay in a hospital facility so that doctors can monitor your body’s response to the medication easily.

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